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Falls Management Solution

About the Falls Management Solution

How does our fall detection differ from others?
Our proprietary system combines unparalleled accuracy with stringent data security and privacy measures, ensuring all data processing is carried out onshore in accordance with Australian legislation, driven by ethically designed AI.
How does the system differentiate between a pet and a person?
Our system uses advanced algorithms that are sensitive to the unique movement patterns and physical characteristics of humans, ensuring accurate fall detection and minimising the chance of false alerts caused by pets.
How does it handle alerts for witnessed versus unwitnessed falls?
Our system is designed to ensure that all falls are appropriately recorded and addressed. Alerts are generated to enable a quick response when needed, and incidents are logged to support thorough documentation and follow-up care.
What is the typical duration before an alert is raised?
Upon detecting a fall, our system is designed to issue an alert within a matter of seconds.
What determines the system's response time in the event of a fall?
Our system measures and reports the duration from the occurrence of a fall to the moment a caregiver or staff member enters the room to provide assistance.


Do you provide sensor installation?
Yes, we coordinate with a national network of certified electricians who install our sensors in accordance with our precise guidelines. For details, please contact us.
Can the solution integrate with an existing nurse call system?
Yes, our solution is designed for seamless integration with a variety of systems. For specific compatibility information, please consult our team to ensure a perfect fit with your current setup.
Can a single sensor cover a bedroom and its ensuite, or are two sensors necessary?
To ensure complete and optimal coverage, it is necessary to install separate sensors for the bedroom and ensuite. This is due to potential obstructions caused by walls that can hinder sensor performance.
Are there any limitations to installing sensors in common areas, or are they exclusively designed for private rooms?
Our sensors are ideally suited for private rooms, yet they are versatile enough to be configured effectively in common areas as well.
Do the sensors require hardwiring to the building's mains power supply, and is it possible to retrofit them into an already-constructed facility?
Yes, our sensors are meant to be hardwired to the building's mains power supply. They are versatile enough to be retrofitted into existing facilities as well as incorporated into new constructions.
After agreeing to the terms of service, how quickly can the sensors be supplied, and what is the expected timeline for their installation?​
We ship sensors within Australia nationally as soon as the terms of service are finalised, and installation typically begins without delay.
What are the technical and environmental requirements for installing the fall detection sensors, including any power or connectivity specifications?​
Our sensors require a ceiling mount and a stable power connection. They are designed to monitor an area of up to 12 square meters with a clear field of view and need to be within range of a reliable Wi-Fi network for connectivity.

Cost and Support

What are the costs for the system, including installation fees and any ongoing service charges?​
The fall management solution requires an upfront installation fee for each sensor. Additionally, there is a base-level subscription per sensor that covers ongoing services. For detailed pricing information, please contact us.
What training and support programs are available for staff to ensure they are proficient in using the fall management solution?​
We offer in-depth staff training that includes alert response procedures and report interpretation. Our ongoing management sessions provide all team members, especially managers, with the knowledge they need to confidently use the system and understand its automated reports for effective decision-making.