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Falls Management Solution

Dignified Living Through Smart Care

Falls Management Solution

Dignified Living Through Smart Care

BLESEN Intelligent Safety System



BLESEN detects falls with a high degree of accuracy


Start a pilot of our solution to evaluate our technology within your care environment.

Increased workforce efficiency

Improved Workflow

Automate reporting and optimise care coordination to maximise direct care.

Improved care and safety

Quality Assurance

Ensure resident well-being with proactive risk detection and management.

Reduced costs

Reduced Costs

Achieve cost savings with more efficient staff, better compliance, and improved outcomes.

Why choose BLESEN?

no eyeing

Privacy-preserving Not a camera and does not capture images or sounds.

no buttons to press

Touchless Operates without the need for wearables or emergency buttons.

switch on

Continuous monitoring Monitors 24/7 and works during the night in complete darkness.


Data privacy & compliance All data is securely collected and managed in Australia, ensuring privacy and compliance.

cog with check

Low-maintenance Set and forget. No change to sensor hardware necessary. Software upgrades are delivered remotely.

rapid deployment

Rapid deployment Rapidly deployed, one sensor extensively monitors large spaces, mounting to ceilings with mains power.