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Passive monitoring for falls
that protects privacy and dignity.

Passive monitoring for falls that protects privacy and dignity.

BLESEN detects, prevents and reports falls
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Fall alert
Fall details
Bed-exit alert

Risk detection

Improved staff experience

Automate fall management to devote more time for hands-on care.

Person-centered care

Person-centered care

A proactive and holistic approach to optimising the health and well-being of consumers.

Financial savings

Reduced costs

Improved compliance and governance that reduces operational costs.

Why choose us

no eyeing

Privacy-preserving Not a camera and does not capture images or sounds.

no buttons to press

Touchless Operates without the need for wearables or emergency buttons.

switch on

Continuous monitoring Monitors 24/7 and works during the night in complete darkness.

cog with check

Low-maintenance Set and forget. Low power usage. No change to sensor equipment necessary.

rapid deployment

Rapid deployment One sensor covers a large living space and plugs into a standard power outlet.

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How many sensors do I need?

One sensor covers a space approximately the size of a large bedroom.

How are sensors installed?

Our sensor is easy to install. It discretely mounts to a wall using heavy-duty double-sided adhesive tape and plugs into a standard power outlet.

How do I start using the technology?

We understand that an essential part of choosing the right assistive technology is the opportunity to try it first. Experience the fall management solution first-hand with a limited number of sensors available for a trial evaluation.

Who is the technology best for?

Our solution is designed and tailored for residential aged care, retirement and group homes.

How does the technology work?

BLESEN smart sensors use harmless high-frequency radio waves and artificial intelligence to distinguish between complex movements within a monitored space.

What integrations are available?

Alerts and reports can be received in various ways, including text messages, voice calls, and email.

We are an Australian-based technology company delivering innovation in aged care.

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