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Falls Management Solution

Falls Management Solution

Care Monitoring

Radar-based Care Monitoring



BLESEN detects falls with a high degree of accuracy


Explore the advantages our technology offers to residential care and retirement living, supporting individual well-being.

Optimised Care Workflow

Optimised Care Workflow

Automate reporting and improve care coordination to increase direct care time.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Enhance resident well-being through proactive risk detection and comprehensive quality oversight.

Cost Efficiency and Value

Cost Efficiency and Value

Reduce costs by achieving staff efficiency, ensuring compliance, and enhancing care outcomes.

Why choose BLESEN?

Privacy by Design

Privacy-Preserving No images or sounds recorded that could identify individuals.


Touchless Operates without wearables or emergency buttons.

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Continuous Monitoring Provides 24/7 monitoring, effective in complete darkness.

Data Privacy & Compliance

Data Privacy & Compliance Data handled in Australia ensures privacy and no third-party sharing.

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Continuous Learning Every data point enhances accuracy for more refined, reliable insights.

Quick Setup, Future-Ready

Quick Setup, Future-Ready Professional installation, supports remote updates, for future solutions.